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Festival Screenings

Winter Film Awards​
February 20th and 22nd   Time TBA
Cinema Village

22 E 12th St.

York, NY 10003


Fargo Film Festival

March 15-18        

The Fargo Theater

314 Broadway 

Fargo, ND 58102




"The 2012 WIFF Film Finishing Fund Winners – Narrative Short Films


THE ETYMOLOGY OF ZERO - Katie May - Writer/Producer,  Liz Anderson -Actress/Producer, San Francisco, CA

An animated short of the Rapunzel fairy tale, featuring Rapunzel as a brainy math-loving girl with the 'super power’ to control the rate of growth of her hair.  To avoid marrying the prince, who is climbing her long hair up the tower wall, she decides to grow it at the exact rate the prince climbs.  She stays happily working in the tower and goes on to make great discoveries.” 


- Sophia Savage, Thompson on Hollywood &


"The Women in Film Foundation has announced the 10 recipients for the 27th annual Film Finishing Fund, which this year will assist two narrative feature films, seven docs and one narrative short with cash grants supported by Netflix...The lone project in the narrative short category is animated film “The Etymology of Zero,” from Katie May and Liz Anderson.

-Anneta KonstantinidesVariety


"Rapunzel: The new math heroine?


...I can’t wait to see this.  More importantly, I can’t wait to show this to my students. One thing I love about mathematics in fiction is that it gives a sense of excitement to mathematics that isn’t so easy to convey with just the mathematics... What I particularly like about the idea of this movie is that the math superhero is a princess. I don’t remember seeing very many princesses that are, above anything, smart..." 


- Adriana Salerno, American Mathematical Society


"Princess Effect: Are Girls Too “Tangled” in Disney’s Fantasy?


Rapunzel's Etymology of Zero made me smile for all the right reasons... (and will) help change the way that little girls view princesses, because these ideas will begin to combat the larger issue – an issue which I dub the Disney Princess Plague.


- Lady Pirate, A Rogue Guide


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