The Creative Team behind Rapunzel's Etymology of Zero

Our Awesome Team

Seth Podowitz
Seth Podowitz

Director & Producer SETH PODOWITZ (Director / Producer / Music & Sound) has worked in the entertainment industry for the last fifteen years as a director, producer and film & TV composer (among other various jobs) working with clients including Starz, Film Roman, Cartoon Network, EA, and many others. He is currently living in Shanghai, China working on Shanghai Disneyland.

Katie May
Katie May

Writer & Producer KATIE MAY is a playwright. Her plays include Abominable (The Lark Playwrights Week, 2015) Manic Pixie Dream Girl (fringeNYC & A.C.T. Costume Shop) Black Sheep Gospel (Great Plains Theater Conference), A History of Freaks (Finalist, David Mark Cohen Award in Playwriting), among others. May is the recipient of fellowships from the Virginia Piper Writing Center, National University of Singapore, and a grant from Women in Film Foundation. She holds an MFA in playwriting from ASU.

Liz Anderson
Liz Anderson

Voice of Rapunzel & Producer LIZ ANDERSON is an actress, filmmaker and social justice advocate. Recent projects include SanFranLand, Dyke Central, This Time Will Be Different, Trauma, Necessary Evil, Flesh, as well as numerous TV and radio commercials. She is a PlayGround company member, Kevin Spacey Foundation Emerging Artist, and recipient of the Women in Film Finishing Fund Grant. She is currently in post production with her directorial debut WWII Sci-Fi film, The Toll. BFA NYU Tisch.

Eileen Laitinen
Eileen Laitinen

Animation Director & Co-Producer Eileen Laitinen is a San Francisco based animator and illustrator. Her work for Rapunzel's Etymology of Zero includes storyboarding, character design, effects animation, and character animation. When not working, she rock climbs and tinkers with 3d printers. She is a graduate of SF State University.

Mary Hale
Mary Hale

Animator Mary is a cave-dwelling animator, with the exception of her odd trip outside to record the behavior of local natives and mingle with her near and dear. The Etymology of Zero inspired Mary to join in on the fun of bringing the new and improved, sharp, spirited and spunky Rapunzel to life.

Katie Siller
Katie Siller


Zoe Gutterman
Zoe Gutterman


Jan Heiman
Jan Heiman


Rachel Whalon
Rachel Whalon


Patrick Russell
Patrick Russell

Voice of the Prince PATRICK RUSSELL is an actor and PlayGround artistic company member, and faculty member at the American Conservatory Theater School. He holds an MFA in acting from ACT.

Khamara Petus
Khamara Petus

Narrator KHAMARA PETUS is an actress and explainer at the Exploratorium, where she gets kids excited about the magic of science.

David Azer
David Azer


Scott Falkowski
Scott Falkowski


Brenden Oshima
Brenden Oshima


Charlie Corriea
Charlie Corriea


Merritt Lee
Merritt Lee


Christopher Belsky
Christopher Belsky

Legal Team CHRIS BELSKY is a talented, honest, generous, serviceable man. He also ensures that copyrights are complied with and that bring your dog to work day is celebrated at YouTube. BA from USC, JD from UC Hastings.


Architectural Consultant

Sandra Patterson
Sandra Patterson


Our Partners!

Women in Film Foundation & the Women in Film Finishing Fund Grant


Manic Pixie Productions

Time and Tide Productions


Dances With Light



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Kurtis Lee Hermes

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Kathy Seely

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Jay Yamada

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The Screen Actors Guild

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Christopher Strider Cook

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